General Rental Temsand conditions

1. EaCh Authorized Driver must be at least are 21 and have a valid sergen! identification card or passport and driving licence printed with DOO Roman alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc) must be complemented by an International divine licence 2 Ibe vehicle may be driven oaly by the lessee of - in ke opole customen - by the driver named in the rental contract. I the vehicle is to be driven by persons otber than the above-named person an additional charge shall When the vehiele is collected the original dning licences of any additional drivers must be presented SIf the vehicle is driven by unauthorized driver the flamount ate damares Occurring 33 a result of accident will be charged to the Lessee, and wil nor be covered by an insurance

4. Lessee agrees that the police video control fines must be paid by the lessee, Otherwise The company batumicar.gemaintains the right and the line fee will be charged to the lessee's corered by the deposit with the amount of ade cok +18% VAT. < All ate laelade VAT Responsibility Of Parties the lesson in tae lessee presence is obliged to inspect the vehicle if it isin road worthy condition, must check fuel level, external damages, tires, spare tires all necessary equipesent of the vehicle and etc. Damages must be dentined in decepialace note by the lessor or conarmed by obotos 2 is vehicle shall be barded over to the lessee with a full tank of fuel and waibed. Corresponding)y, the lessee must return the vehicle at the cod of the lease in the same condition, If the vehicle is not returned fully, tanked, the lessor shall charge the lessee the cost of filing the vehicle. I liter 5 Gel, washing Sedan 300eL, Jeep 40 Gel, Van 50GeL Tires damage 400 Gel, dry cleaning 330 VeL S. lbe deposit is determined b Tautual a reement end the amount of the deposit is defined by car type or caterory.3.1. Deposit wil be back a ter drop off within Iu working days lessor identify, on the cate and time specibed in this Agreement, and in the Mime condition that the renter received it, except for ordinary wear, If the vehicle is returned to any other office or location or left porewbere other than the office or location identifed by Restal Agent, tbe lessee remalas responsible for the slety of and any damage to the Vehicle until the lessor inspects it Service to the Vehicle or replacement of parts or accessories during the rental- must have prior approval

5. All accessories provided with the rented car are the part of this agreement and the leesee is obliped to properly secure any goods carried. 6 In a case of lost or damage anv extra 3cestories the renter is obliged to pay the damage/loss fee. Car key - 500 Gel (defined by car type or category) Vehicle passpert - 500 Get; GPS - 300Gel: Baby Seat - 200 Gel: Loss of parang Lot chup, 100Gel:Loss2@ copy ofthe contract.200GekIGPSdeterminesthat the car basexceeded.thepermissiblespeed.of30km/h,Batumicar.rereservesthericht to penalize the employer in the amount of GEL. 200, regardless of whether he or he data police or radar fine Lessee hires a car for 24 hour. Car drop off time is exactly at the end of 24 hours plus lessee has an extra drop off time 120 minutes (2 hour), Lite cosinz means, renter has to pay one extra day (24 hour) fee. slesse will be charred oyst00bel for letting to dnve the car b) without a Caving License. Drivida in a bon-sober state (alcobole rubitince) is rub ect to a are of G3A3000

1. All company Batumicarge cars are insured. Insurance includes CDW, third party inerrance and Theft Protection. If necessary procedures (call the patrol police immediately at the No 112 and the office, do nos relocate a vehicle without Police permission) are not allowed he driver will be folly kbleforthedraresIerre will become vold in the following - If the vehicle is used for the transportation of danzeroas foods - if the driver of the vehicle does not poses the required driver's license at the time - If he driver was found to be under the infuence of draggandalcohokerulesses at the time of the vent OVinE rise to chie -If upon return the car is dataged and no inrurance instrucriots were followed, of if Jams res are Dot covered by the insurance (damage of interior, tire damage, missina spare and imets, etc) I be customers will be fully Mable for the daredes. Meture pay for the ideatical twO tire price 2 Insurace does not cover tires and accidents which took place in off.r? (Especially in Svanet, Tuched, Aberwuret, Karbegl, etc.) la cae of damife? teQ.2 recons, emergency assistance will be charged in the amount of 500 Gel, in addidonto the repaier colts. Flat Tire Service out of Tbilisi - 1500el, in Tbilisi-50 Gel Delivery service (Tbilisi- wide) is 30 GEL. by manual agreement corside Toilid. In the case c/ A in ficaccident where the chair ant is found guilty, the company will be fined 500 hr Please, note that the car should be returned in clean condition. Othere customer would be liable for the damages which would be found after card ta Return Dumpe Deeds free 60 minute!


Advanced obligations:

1. If during the period of the lease at the lease property will has any technicalfultthelesseehastherighttorequirethelessortohx. these problems. It necessary, replace the lease property the Lessor has the night to replace the car in the In George, following terms in this paragraph: from the place of pick up the car. * at a distance of 100 km - from a designated place: 6:00 hour, * at a distance of 100-200 km - from a designated place: 8UU hours; * at a distance of 200-300 km from a designated place: 10 hours; at a distance of 300 km or more from the specihed location: 12 hours

2. Lessor is not obligated to compensate for lessee the cost of the time which is needed for replacing car according to the mentioned conditions: Off the calls false or car's technical problems are caused by Lessee or within the law it there are possibilities to evacuate the car to the nearest car service center and fix it easily, Lessee is obliged to pay the double renting price for the rented car per day, costs for the driver and 5 GEL per km, which will be passed by called car

3. The payment ot rental lee is arranged by cash or credit/debit card in Georgian Lari, by the national bank currency for the day of paymen 3. TIf the vehicle is returned by the lessee before the end of the rental period, amount of the non-used days will not be refunded by the lessor. Force -majeure

4. The parties are exempted from responsibility for non-fulfillment contractual commitments if it is caused by force majeure. 4 TAMorce majeure circumstances the parties are obliged to notihes the second party within three days.

4.2 Force-majeure is an extreme Situation like: food, earthquake, fire, strike, act of war, siege, acts of state authorities and other. 43 Pulhilment of contractual obligations will be postponed till termination of force majeure circumstances Confirmation The Renter conhrms that, She is familiar with the contents of the contract as a whole. with insurance policy and insurance contract. which comes with this contract as an Insurance Instruction and is a part of this contract. The Renter agrees with the terms and conditions of-Batumicar.gelD and agrees to fulfill them